Under the Wide and Starry Sky - Nancy Horan

Ugh, I give up.  The cover is so pretty, but the plot is painfully slow.  No less than a few dozen times have I put down this book to do something else.  Tried reading outside, and oooh squirrel!  Tried reading parts in a Scottish accent, and still was bored.  Tried again outside in a different spot and oooh little bunnies!  The littlest things distract me from this book, so I think it's time to stop.  Fanny is an unlikable character and I think the book might be too ambitious, plus the names were confusing...lots of Bobs.  It's either that or I just don't dig historical fiction from the 1800s.  Maybe her writing is just not my style.  It doesn't help that I know nothing about Robert Louis Stevenson or Fanny Osbourne.  The book is also an absolute lummox to carry around.  Maybe it gets better, but there are so many other books that are not a chore to finish, so it's one starred for now.

ETA - Silly me forgot to mention that this copy came from the good folks at Random House in exchange for a review.