The Wishbones - Tom Perrotta

Well this was a total disappointment.  Tom Perotta is an author that I have heard good things about, but this was really disappointing.  First off the main character, Dave is a total bore.  He should have been a minor character and Buzzy should have been the focus.  Buzzy was one of two characters who kept me reading, albeit at a snail's pace while doing a major home remodel.  The book was so easy to put down and forget about and it also made hanging drywall seem way more interesting than the tedium that it really is.  Maybe it's because I was expecting something along the lines of Jonathan Tropper, or maybe because I married a musician and would never dream of asking him to quit the band.  When your choices are to be with someone safe and predictable who you wonder if you ever really loved or someone who makes you feel things you've never felt before and shares with you brand new experiences, you do not pick the safe choice and settle for mediocrity.  When you pick the artsy poet girl who lives in the city, life is never boring and sterile.  Picking the ball buster girl who you have been with on and off for 15 years, who tells you to quit the band because it doesn't fit into her stereotypical plan of moving to a suburban house with a white picket fence and golden retriever and 2.6 kids is just going to turn you into a mindless lump of a person.  Tom Perotta picked the wrong main character and really screwed up the ending.  Maybe his writing gets better?  

If there are any other Tom Perotta books that you guys really like, send those recommendations over.