Getting Rid Of Bradley - Jennifer Crusie

Ugh!  The last time a book infuriated me this much was Gone Girl.  I hate that book for nearly the same reasons as this.  Characters are unlikable and ridiculous, Zach is a brat and Lucy is an obtuse naive idiot who somehow teaches physics.  The plot is a hot mess of sloppy amateur writing and completely absurd.  The ending is easily guessed eally early on.  I get that this is supposed to be a light read and it really is lowest common denominator light reading.  High school kids bullshitting their way through a creative writing class could write a better book than this.  Walter White in Breaking Bad was a believable high school chemistry teacher.  This airhead of a heroine isn't fit to teach day care.  Thankfully I picked up this book at a library bag book sale and spent less than 10 cents on it.  Others had told me that Jennifer Crusie is a fun fluff writer but after this abomination it's going to be a long time before I read another one of her books.