Roam: A Novel with Music - Alan Lazar

I should have known better than to read a book with a dog on the cover while at work.   Even one of my co-workers saw the book and asked if she should get me some tissues.  A box and a half of tissues later, I finished the book on a quiet afternoon while the boss was out.

This is such a sweet love story in smells about a little mutt and the one true love of his life, and how no matter how long the two had been apart their love never ended.  What I had a hard time with was separating Nelson from my dog, Homer.  Nelson's story could have been a lengthier version of my big guy's.  My guy was found wandering the streets with a group of other strays in a rural town in Indiana, no collar no microchip.  He was a skinny, stinky dog with an unknown history.  No one knew where he came from, no one knew who his mom and dad were, nothing was known about my dog other than he needed a home ASAP.  My husband and I drove 10 hours round trip to a shelter full of dogs and cats all on borrowed time.  Our guy picked out my husband as we were walking the kennel aisles. We took him out of his pen and he acted like the perfect gentlemen, not jumping or pulling on the leash. So we took him home only to see his true colors as a real wild man. Seven years later he has finally chilled out and become one good dog. Here's when I get up on my soapbox about spaying and neutering your dogs and cats and microchipping them, and adopting instead of buying from breeders or pet stores.