My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult

Oh how I hate this book!  I finished it quite a while ago and am still pissed at myself for wasting time on this steaming pile of a book.  I read it because so many of my friends were raving about how wonderful it is and how great Jodi Picoult books are.  This book was so terrible I asked all the people who recommended this if they valued our friendship at all.  The worst part is that this could have been a decent book under strict circumstances...that Jodi Picoult had not written it.  The writing is trite, the characters are so formulaic and stereotypical and the plot is just flat.  Why Picoult felt the need to include the little love story with the lawyer is beyond me.  The only character that I liked was the service dog.  The only reason I finished this was because I thought there has to be something decent in the wrong I was.  The ending is such a cop out and left me wondering how in the hell this book even got published.



This is what happens to bad little trees.  They get turned into books like this.