Well shit, I feel like I just fell out of a Cheech and Chong bus. 


cheech and chong



This place is weird and confusing, but I like it.  I feel safe here.  I don't feel judged here like I did on LibraryThing when Amazon bought GR.  It's nice feeling like my shelves are safe from goodreads Big Brother.  Not that goodreads gives half a shit about what all us troublemakers think.  They're too busy googling passive aggressive literary quotes to post on twitter instead of *gasp* owning up to their total fuck up.  That and kissing asses in every thread but the important one.  And wondering what to do with all the Mein Kampf reviews that pop up like toast due to a badly behaving author. 


Since GR doesn't give a shit about any of the users who helped make the site so appealing that Amazon was drooling in lust, I don't give a shit what happens to GR.  I kind of hope that it becomes about as relevant and useful as myspace.  GR deserves to become a ghost town.  Or a playground for badly behaving authors with no clue as to what bullying really is.  When all that is left is a bunch of crybaby crazypants authors who don't have any more 1 star reviews to pick on, boredom should quickly ensue and then they'll start attacking each other.  


Where's Walter White when you need him to fix a situation?!  We could really use him to stand outside the GR office and shout "COWARD"!  Or we can all take turns yelling "YO KISS MY PINK ASS MAN" and "WELL HEIL HITLER BITCH".  


*wanders off to watch Breaking Bad on netflix for the millionth time*