To shelve, or not to shelve

To shelve, or not to shelve, that is the question.  These badly behaving authors are like the Kardashians, they refuse to go away. 


I am so conflicted about shelving.  I don't know if I want to keep my will never ever read shelf.  Part of me wants to keep it just in case one of these nasty little books crosses my path.  Another part of me wants to get rid of it and not bring undeserved attention to those bad books.  Some are by authors who have a seriously flawed understanding of what bullying truly is; others are written by a sociopath disguised as a professional athlete and a cardiologist unclear on the nutritional benefits of whole grains.   


Part of me wants the book world to know which authors cannot properly interact with their readers.  Since these authors already have two sites as playgrounds, I don't think they deserve any space or attention here.  As a GR refugee, I feel safe here.  I feel like I can use this space as I see fit and not have to worry about some nobody author gathering up his/her other nobody author friends and stalking the bejeesus out of me.  But once they realize that all their prey has left GRamazon, they might come here looking for trouble.  And seeing shelves, even those as tamely named as will never ever ever read might strike a nerve and cause a meltdown.  


Thoughts on this anyone?  Bueller?