When Madeline Was Young - Jane Hamilton

This book is just a hot mess.  The title and description trick the reader into thinking that this is a story about an adult woman and her family coping after her brain injury, when it's more about well nothing really.  Seinfeld was a show about nothing that admits it is a show about nothing.  This book is akin to Seinfeld, only it's just not entertaining in the slightest.  Madeline is such a minor character and it made me feel cheated to discover that.  Mac the narrator is just awful and sounded quite feminine to me.  The only character that stirred up strong feelings in me was Buddy, Mac's cousin, who I found to be despicable.  Other than that, none of the characters were of any interest. Mac's mother Julia was so off-putting.  To me this book seems like it was just phoned in.  There was no effort to develop any characters and the plot goes in so many different directions that it can be confusing to remember what is actually going on.  I can't count how many pages I re-read just to remember what time period it was supposed to be and what was happening.  I'm one of those people who hates not finishing a book, just in case there was something good later on.  Had it not been for my book club, I don't know if I would have finished it, since there was nothing decent about this book.  To those who have called this book disjointed, I wholeheartedly agree.