Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

There is a huge cloud of smug over Gone Girl.  This was such an unpleasant read that I started taking notes of all the ridiculous parts.  It also didn't help matters that I figured out the ending before page 100.

There are lots and lots of f-bombs and swearing which says a lot since I cuss like a sailor.  For me to pick up on that means it's excessive and adds nothing to the story. Then there's the issue with our characters.  The husband is Captain Douchebag and the wife is beyond batshit crazy.  The story of a missing wife gets so ridiculous and over the top that the ending could only be equally as absurd.

Things I absolutely loathed about the book:
using The Giving Tree as a verb
redneck stereotypes like catfish gigging with dry cat food
repeated mentions of having the emotional bends
repeated mentions of characters having a vaginal smell
page 67 where "Nick got home just after four, a bulb of beer and cigarettes and fried-egg odor attached to him, a placenta of stink."
the sister's name being Go
the book's smugness.

Had I not borrowed the book, I would have stabbed the shit out of it with scissors.

If you want to read a book about a miserable married couple, read Revolutionary Road. The writing is a million times better.